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iTimeZone is a World Clocks Calculator. You choose any past, present, or future date & time for 93,000+ cities, iTimeZone does the tricky time zone math using all daylight savings time transitions.

Scheduling meetings or knowing the time when landing in Singapore is incredibly easy.

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93,000+ Cities. Included are most cities with a population greater than 5,000, including Greenwich, England for GMT/UTC time.

Location, Location, Location. iTimeZone lists cities near your location.

Maps in the App. See any city on a map in iTimeZone or view in the Maps app.

Make Any City the Current City. Double-tap any city, drag a city to the top, or tap a button in City Info.

No Network Required for Time Calculations. No Wi-Fi, no mobile signal, no problem. iTimeZone has all its' city time data built-in, great for iPod touch or iPhone owners in areas with spotty reception.

City Info. See more info about any selected city.

Quickly see day or night indicators for every city.

Now. Quickly switch to the current date & time.

Country Flags. Easily identify a cities' country.

iOS 4 Multitasking Support

iPhone 4 Retina Display Graphics

System Requirements

  1. iOS 4.2 or iOS 5.0 or later