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Tangerine Element was founded by Dave Murdock in 2006. Dave was a .NET developer that switched to Macs exclusively for home use in 2004. Once the iPhone SDK was announced in March 2008, Dave started developing iTimeZone for iPhone/iPod Touch.

iTimeZone, Tangerine Element’s flagship app, was created because Dave thought it would be great to be able to see what time it was for anywhere in the world for any time while in a spec review meeting trying to figure out when India, Singapore, London, and New York could hold a meeting. His tinkering with Mac OS X (when it was named that) applications since getting his first Mac gave him an edge in developing the iPhone app, and iTimeZone 1.0 was released when the iPhone App Store launched in July 2008.

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New Jersey

where did you get THE name?

Dave did a lot of debugging of iTimeZone, the company’s flagship app, riding in his Tangerine Honda Element between Vermont & New Jersey. Seemed appropriate to name the company after the “roving office”.

Is that a real periodic table symbol?

Nope, totally fake. Te is Tellurium, and Tg is nothing. Besides, have you ever seen an atomic number of 2006? Now you have.

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